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Controlled Chaos: the slapstick goal that won USL Cup for New York Red Bulls II

Performed by Stefano Bonomo, Derrick Etienne, Vincent Bezecourt and Brandon Allen. Produced by OaM Productions.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

New York Red Bulls II lifted USL Cup for the first time in front of a home crowd at Red Bull Arena after a swaggering 5-1 win over Swope Park Rangers.

It was a near-perfect finale to the II team's magnificent year in USL, a year that brought a regular-season title, won in emphatic fashion.

But Swope Park Rangers did make NYRB II sweat. A goal in the 74th minute put the visitors back in the game after consistent pressure throughout the second half. SPR still trailed, 2-1, but had the momentum and seemed capable of finding an equalizer - at least.

The Red Bulls clinched the match with three goals in the last five minutes, and the scoring spree was kicked off by a sequence that embodied the RalfBall principle of controlled chaos. Stefano Bonomo chased the ball around the box until a stray rebound was finally driven back into goal by Brandon Allen.

It was a slapstick essay in try-try-again soccer, and it was marvelous.

So marvelous, it needed to be set to music for all to appreciate its majesty.

Congrats to NYRB II: 2016 USL League and Cup Champ!