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MSG’s score ticker had one job, and it blew it

Losing the plot extends to the TV truck.

MLS: Philadelphia Union at New York Red Bulls Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The score ticker at the bottom of your TV screen has become standard these days unless you are watching a big sporting event. Having it helps the commentary team from having to go to the out of town scoreboard (for the most part), allowing them to focus on telling yet another story about how a player overcame adversity to make it.

When the New York Red Bulls were taking on the Philadelphia Union this past Saturday though, the ticker, or the guy running it, seemed to be falling behind.

The first bit of fun revolves around the definition of the word “next”. There’s a few definitions of the word, based on how it’s used. Here’s how Google (since it’s now the go to for information) defines the word.


  • (of a time or season) coming immediately after the time of writing or speaking.
  • coming immediately after the present one in order, rank, or space.


  • on the first or soonest occasion after the present; immediately afterward.


  • the next person or thing.

So, when the score ticker said that the Red Bulls game was next, I was happy, until I realized that it meant the Red Bulls would play two straight games! At least it would be on the same channel, which is pretty nice of MSG do to for us.

Not to be outdone with the definition of the word next, whoever was running the ticker probably didn’t know (or wasn’t told) how the clock works in soccer. I mean, counting up is such a tough thing to get right.

I guess I shouldn’t complain though. We only got demoted to MSG+ when there was preseason hockey instead of the usual demotion to MSG Go90 One World, and they even gave the Red Bulls their own spot on the ticker!

Whatever the reason is for the ticker operator(s) losing the plot, at least we can get some enjoyment out of it while we wait for the Red Bulls to return to action.