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Report: Lothar Matthaus says Bastian Schweinsteiger isn't cut out for New York move

And Lothar knows a thing or two about not cutting it in New York.

Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

No sooner had the New York Red Bulls been ruled out of contention for Bastian Schweinsteiger, then Lothar Matthaus was weighing in with his thoughts on the subject.

RBNY's lack of interest in signing Schweinsteiger was communicated by Red Bull's Head of Global Soccer, Oliver Mintzlaff, and fits very neatly with the team's apparent transfer policy since it started to vigorously align itself with the principles in place across the rest of the RB soccer family. RBNY plays RalfBall now, and that includes a policy of avoiding the sort of big-name, big-money transfers that can see a player forced into the team for commercial rather than competitive reasons.

Lothar Matthaus agrees, up to a point. For Matthaus, RBNY's public rejection of Schweinsteiger is a function of the overall evolution of MLS, not just the Red Bulls. As he told Bild:

...the times have passed in which the MLS buys only by big is no longer sufficient.

Matthaus -  whose ill-fated stint with the MetroStars in 2000 is regularly part of discussions about the worst-ever big-name signings in MLS history - has to square this contention with the fact that just next door to RBNY is a team following the standard buy-em-old-and-famous policy of yore. He suggests that the form of Andrea Pirlo and Frank Lampard was significantly better than that of Schweinsteiger before they made their twilight-years moves to NYCFC (and he's not wrong).

Nonetheless, Matthaus (who recently gave his account of his stint in MLS to Empire of Soccer) doesn't think Schweinsteiger won't be able to find a new home in MLS - just not in New York:

There are still plenty of other clubs, it does not have to be necessarily New York.