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The end of a great New York Red Bulls transfer rumor: Miroslav Klose opts for coaching career

It was fun while it lasted, and the Klose-to-RBNY rumor lasted a lot longer than it ever should have done.

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

It is with great sadness that Once A Metro must announce the death of a transfer rumor. It was not the best piece of fanciful New York Red Bulls rumor-mongering, and never the most credible, but the idea that Miroslav Klose might be eyeing a move to RBNY was nothing if not persistent. And for that OaM loved it.

In the last year alone, it has popped up frequently: last November; again in JanuaryAprilMay, and July. It was a rumor that was never easy to believe, not least because the Red Bulls simply aren't all that interested in 38-year-old stars these days. But that never seemed to deter it.

It should be deterred now, unfortunately: Miroslav Klose has ended his playing career and will join the coaching staff of the Germany Men's National Team, per the DFB (German football's governing body).

Thus ends the on-field career of an all-time great player, and an all-time great RBNY transfer rumor.

Best of luck with the coaching, Miro. We'll miss you.