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Rumor: Red Bull is not on the hunt for an English club

Sky Sports has the scoop.

Clive Mason/Getty Images

Sky Sports brings a quick riposte to the Daily Mail's thinly-sourced assertion that Red Bull is actively seeking to add an English club to its global family of soccer clubs: Red Bull is not actively seeking to add an English club to its football portfolio.

The Mail's report did not identify any on-the-record source, and Sky's response is in kind:

Sky Sports News HQ has been told that Red Bull are happy with their current portfolio of clubs in Sao Paolo, New York, Salzburg and Leipzig, and are not looking for further expansion.

Anonymous sources do not, of course, mean a report is unreliable: there would be no sensitive information in the public domain at all if reporters were not able to protect the identity of sources. But it is curious to see a simple (and expected) rebuttal presented without any particular attribution. Perhaps Red Bull was in such a rush to let it be known that England's clubs are safe from Papa's restless ambitions that it simply forgot to provide Sky with a name to put behind the statement.

Anyway, if you wish to believe that Red Bull is in the market for an English club: you have a news report to support that notion. And if you don't, there is a report to back that idea up as well.

As it stands, they are equally convincing (or unconvincing): take your pick.