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Anatole Abang sees red for Hobro in 5-0 loss to Fremad Amager

With Danish soccer about to go on winter break, Abang has probably played his last game for Hobro until March 2017.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Anatole Abang made his 10th appearance for Hobro IK on Sunday, November 20. It will also be his last appearance for Hobro for a while: the young forward was sent off during the second half, and the ensuing suspension should keep him out of his club's next match - against Skive on November 24.

Abang will have some time to reflect on his progress since arriving in Denmark for a season-long loan. After playing Skive, Hobro and the rest of the Danish First Division will take a break, returning to  competitive play in March.

Abang has scored three goals in his 10 appearances in Denmark. In what will be his last game for Hobro this year, against Fremad Amager, he tried to open the scoring with an ambitious shot from the halfway line - says the official match report.

The shot didn't come off, and Hobro's opponent quickly took control of the game. The last time these teams met, Abang scored his first goal in Danish football - but his team lost, 4-1. This time around, Fremad Amager kept a clean sheet, and successfully subdued Hobro with two goals in the first 10 minutes. A third followed before half-time.

In the second half, the home team had added a fourth by the time Abang was sent off.

A fifth followed in the 90th minute.

Hobro has now lost its last three league games, and the team has been held scoreless throughout that run. It is still in the hunt for promotion this season, but the First Division table is tightly packed. Third-placed Hobro is two points off the top spot in the league, but only two points ahead of seventh-placed Skive.

Hobro will hope for a positive result in its next match, before heading to the league's winter break to plot a path to promotion in the second half of the season. And Abang will hope that he has done enough to win a call-up to Cameroon's squad for the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations, which kicks off on January 14.