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Rumor: Three MLS teams seeking to woo Sami Khedira away from Juventus

LA Galaxy, NYCFC, and the New York Red Bulls are chasing Sami Khedira, says the rumor mill.

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When even the UK's Sun newspaper is raising an eyebrow at a story, you know you're looking at transfer gossip from the least-credible end of the spectrum of rumors.

"Ju Must Be Kidding" gasps the Sun's headline about Tuttosport's suggestion that Sami Khedira is "tempted to experience living in Major League Soccer at the end of this season".

The story suggests Khedira has been contacted with contract offers that are "economically, very, very tempting".

The clubs allegedly doing this tempting are LA Galaxy and both of MLS' New York teams - i.e. NYCFC and the New York Red Bulls.

The Galaxy has recently lost two of its bigger names - Robbie Keane and Steven Gerrard - plus its star coach (Bruce Arena). NYCFC has said goodbye to Frank Lampard. Both teams are at least plausible subjects of a star-player-wants-MLS rumor, since both teams are generally inclined to stack their rosters with big names.

RBNY, on the other hand, is two seasons in to a "no soloists" team-building approach modeled on the soccer philosophy of RB Leipzig's sporting director, Ralf Rangnick. Times change and policies change with them, especially at RBNY - but, for now, there is no reason to believe the club is interested in chasing established stars who would effectively have to be in the starting lineup every week. (This sort of rumor is rarely based on tactical need, but perhaps it is also worth noting that Sami is conventionally regarded as a central midfielder, and RBNY has a traffic jam at that position in its current squad.)

There is a Khedira the rumor mill could credibly link to RBNY: Sami's younger brother, Rani. Unlike Sami, the younger Khedira is not an established national team player for Germany, nor has he ever won the World Cup, UEFA Champions League, Bundesliga or Serie A. But Rani is 22 and a two-year veteran of RB Global Soccer's RalfBall style. The junior Khedira has seen his minutes with RB Leipzig dwindle to nothing this season, and Rangnick has reportedly told the player the club will not prevent him from seeking a better situation.

But Rani (also a central midfielder, as it happens) has not been linked with RBNY...yet. The rumor mill's latest thinking is St. Pauli might seek to recruit Leipzig's out-of-favor Khedira.

Sami, meanwhile, is enjoying a good season with Juventus. He only joined the club last year, and though injury hampered his first season in Turin, he has started the current campaign as a regular starter for Juve in both Serie A and Champions League. He is under contract until 2019, so a move to MLS in 2017 seems...well, "Ju Must Be Kidding" seems about right.