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Rumor: Red Bull eyeing up Rangers FC

Seems mostly to be a Twitter joke that has stuck around long enough to become a rumor.

Lynne Cameron/Getty Images

The only confirmed connection between Red Bull Global Soccer and Rangers FC is a January friendly between RB Leipzig and the (fallen-but-back-on-its-feet-again) Glasgow club.

But that news (confirmed in early November) and the news that Red Bull was in the market for an English club...what's that? Indeed, Rangers is definitely not an English club. But Scotland is not far from England, and the distinction between English and British might be a little too much for the rumor mill to process.

Somehow, it would seem those pieces of information have combined to fuel the rumor that Red Bull might be ready to invest in Rangers.

Of course, Red Bull does not typically "invest" in football clubs: it buys them and re-brands them and absorbs them into its global soccer project. A project that is not unsuccessful, so any time a team is rumored to be attracting Red Bull attention, it tends to elicit mixed feelings from the relevant fan base. Rangers fans are no different:

This particular rumor, however, appears to have very little behind it beyond the circumstantial evidence of a friendly between Rangers and a Red Bull club, the (denied) suggestion that Papa Red Bull wants to add to his football family, and a lot of Tweets.

Rangers will have its Annual General Meeting on November 25. The club is generally assumed to have more substantive questions to answer about its future, but perhaps the Red Bull matter will be raised - and we can at least have an on-the-record denial from a high-ranking source to consider.