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Watch: Tim Howard's "Note To Self"

The Metro legend offers some advice to his younger self.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Tim Howard was once a Metro, but he left MLS in 2003 for one of the most successful careers any American pro soccer player has ever enjoyed in England's Premier League. A starting 'keeper in England's top flight for more than a decade - mostly for Everton, briefly for Manchester United - Howard didn't win a lot of trophies, but he was a respected part of the fabric of the Premier League for a long time. And along the way he accumulated more than 100 caps for his country.

At 37, he's back in MLS, possibly feeling like he never left. He made his MLS debut against Colorado Rapids, and now he is playing for them. Before he joined Man Utd, Howard's last playoff games in MLS were a series (for the MetroStars) against the LA Galaxy in 2001. He's in a playoff series (for the Rapids) against the Galaxy right now. And he was the MLS Goalkeeper of the Year the last time he sampled a post-season in MLS. He's up for the 2016 GotY award.

Perhaps it was the deja vu that persuaded Howard to film a "Note To Self" segment for CBS This Morning, advising his younger self on how to handle what lies ahead. Some of the advice sounds more like the 24-year-old telling the 37-year-old he's got this:

When Sir Alex Ferguson entrusts you to wear that famous shirt within the first two weeks of your arrival, fake it and pretend that it was your expectation all along.

And some would doubtless have been good to know at the time:

Next time you sign for Manchester United, don’t, under any circumstances, wear a shirt-and-tie combo that are the colors of their crosstown rival, Manchester City.

As above, the text is a little clunky at times: CBS' producers presumably don't entirely trust their audience to understand the relationship between Manchesters United and City. But mostly, it's an interesting synopsis of the ups and downs of Howard's career since he left his hometown club.