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"It's a tough spot": Bob Bradley sees Swansea lose 3-1 to Manchester United

If things are going to get better for Swansea under Bob Bradley, they are first getting worse.

Stu Forster/Getty Images

Swansea City is just goal difference away from the bottom of England's Premier League, after sinking to a 3-1 loss to Manchester United on Sunday, November 6.

The Swans were three goals down at half-time - prompting boos from the crowd at Liberty Stadium - after Man Utd's Paul Pogba and Zlatan Ibrahimovic made light work of the "ramshackle Swansea defense in charitable mood", per the BBC's Dafydd Pritchard's memorable phrasing.

Mike van der Hoorn's 69th-minute goal won the second half for Swansea, but not the game.

The result was Swansea's third loss in the four games Bradley has presided over as head coach, and the third time the team has conceded three goals on the American's watch. Since being appointed to lead the Swans away from the bottom-end of the EPL table after a poor start to the season, Bradley has seen the team win one point (from a 0-0 home draw with Watford).

As the former MetroStars manager said in his post-match comments, "it's a tough spot" for Swansea and for the new head coach.

Bradley's attitude remains characteristically unblinking and steadfast. But it won't be enough to stick to his post-match routine of balanced analysis and optimistic assessments of the team's morale and ability. He knows - as do his players and the club's fans - that results need to turn around soon.

The South Wales Evening Post identified the new coach's first seven games in charge as 'vital" to what was already expected to be a season-long scrap to avoid relegation for Swansea. Just past the halfway point of those seven games, the Swans aren't looking nearly good enough to get out of the bottom three in the league.

But the team is only 11 games into its EPL campaign, and new coaches are traditionally granted the courtesy of new signings, especially when landing with troubled clubs. The rumor mill has started to whisper about potential reinforcements (35-year-old free agent Dimitar Berbatov has been confirmed to be getting some attention from Bradley and his staff).