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Report: Terrence Boyd loan to New York Red Bulls is "unlikely"

The rumor mill giveth, the rumor mill taketh away.

Simon Hofmann/Getty Images

New York Red Bulls fans didn't get much time to enjoy their shiny, new transfer rumor. On Monday, December 12, (ESPN's) Taylor Twellman revealed that Terrence Boyd had visited RBNY with a view to making a loan move from RB Leipzig:

And later the same day, (newly-recruited to ESPN) Julie Stewart-Binks found an equally-anonymous source to counter Twellman's news:

Sort of:

It isn't entirely clear what is meant by "cash would be key": a loan shouldn't alter the terms of Boyd's existing contract, though RBNY presumably would need to figure out what portion of the player's salary it could persuade MLS to take on, and how much would have to be transferred from Leipzig's budget to that of New York - and what impact all of that would have on RBNY's overall roster-building for 2017.

Writing for, Finn Wagner points out one possible hitch: Boyd's contract with Leipzig is reportedly up in the summer of 2017. The player is either looking at a short stint with RBNY, or a contract extension to facilitate a full-season loan to MLS - neither option seems particularly practical.

If Leipzig is to recoup any of its investment in Boyd, it will need a winter-window sale, not loan. A temporary move would at least get some or all of the player's salary off Leipzig's budget for a few months, but it isn't immediately obvious why RBNY would be interested in a signing who could be gone before the MLS season really hots up.

A sort of rent-to-own deal might suit both clubs - if Boyd likes the idea of committing to a move to MLS - but that would, of course, depend on the player's price being right for RBNY's finances. "Cash would be key", indeed.

Boyd, meanwhile, is enjoying Leipzig's Christmas festivities: