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Everyone passed on the 2016 MLS Waiver Draft

Shaun Wright-Phillips and 42 other players are now free to sign with any MLS team that might want them.

Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

MLS teams had the opportunity to sign one of 43 players offered up to the Waiver Draft on December 15, 2016 - and they all declined.

The New York Red Bulls' Shaun Wright-Phillips was on the list: like all the players available, he is now free to sign with any MLS team with which he can reach an agreement. Whether the 35-year-old still wants to play, and whether he'd be interested in playing for a team in MLS that doesn't have his brother Bradley on its roster: these are different questions.

The lack of interest in the Waiver Draft doesn't necessarily mean the teams of MLS aren't interested in the players who could have been selected. It mostly means the teams weren't interested in signing them to the terms dictated by the Waiver Draft (which are essentially that players be signed at or close to the level of their current or last contract with MLS).

The MLS off-season moves on to its next draft: the first stage of the Re-Entry Draft will be held on Friday, December 16. Don't expect too many selections in that one either.