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Tasha Kai’s Top 10 Tweets of 2016

Not only did Kai return to Sky Blue FC and professional soccer in 2016, but also to social media. Here’s her top 10 tweets of the year.

photo courtesy Tasha Kai Twitter

One of the biggest stories out of Sky Blue FC in 2016 was the announcement of the return of Tasha Kai to pro soccer.

Kai’s return to Sky Blue provided some much-needed experience and leadership to a team that largely relied on rookies this past season. Her willingness to put her body on the line for the sake of the attack, making huge leaps to get her “coconut head” on the ball at all costs, proved just how fierce of a competitor she truly is.

However, it was her humor on and off the field that endeared her to fans of Sky Blue and women’s soccer all over the country. That humor was often put on display in the form of Kai’s Twitter account, which was also brought back in 2016.

In honor of Kai’s return to Sky Blue and social media this year, here’s a look back at Tasha Kai’s top 10 tweets of 2016.

10. When she proved you can take a girl out of Hawaii, but you can’t take Hawaii out of the girl

9. When Kai got lost

8. When Kai made do in a pinch

7. When Kai put her Pride (and pun game) out there for all to see

6. When Kai defied the laws of biology

5. When Kai proved professional athletes are just like us

4. When Kai had 99 problems

3. When Kai discovered the downside of returning to pro soccer

2. When Kai made us never look at The Lion King the same way ever again

1. And lastly, when Kai proved that her sense of humor was stronger than her pride

Here’s hoping that Kai’s Twitter game is just as strong in 2017 as it was this year!