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Rumor: Huddersfield Town circling Terrence Boyd

The rumor mill won't let this one go.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

As the January transfer window approaches, it doesn't take much to get the rumor mill excited. Case in point: the rumor that RB Leipzig's on-the-outs forward Terrence Boyd has caught the attention of Huddersfield Town.

If there is substance to the story, it isn't being reported at the moment. The Huddersfield Daily Examiner advises "it's being suggested" that Boyd is a Terriers transfer target, but doesn't say who is doing the suggesting. The Derby Telegraph cites "reports" stating the player is on Huddersfield's January wish-list, but doesn't say where these reports might be found. The Yorkshire Post simply notes the club "could be set to swoop" for Boyd when the transfer window opens. The Daily Express is similarly light on detail regarding the origin of the story.

In a chat about what Boyd has to offer Huddersfield's campaign for promotion to the Premier League with Radio Yorkshire's Andy Lawson, Bundesliga-watcher Jonny Walsh said he'd been told the player was at Hudderfield's last match.

And the rumor does seem to be mostly stoked by persistent fan banter.

Nonetheless, we know Boyd is leaving Leipzig as soon as he can find a place to go. And Bild has suggested the New York Red Bulls are not his preferred destination. As is mentioned every time this rumor gets an airing, Boyd has worked with Huddersfield head coach David Wagner before (the player was a prolific striker for Borussia Dortmund's reserve team during Wagner's tenure as its manager).

That connection, Boyd's well-publicized need for a new team, and the enthusiasm of Huddersfield fans for a winter signing is all the rumor mill needs.

More on this in January, no doubt.