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Connor Lade can run again

Looks like Lade has a solid shot at being match-ready for the start of 2017.

Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Connor Lade's off-season started earlier than most, thanks to an ACL tear sustained in the New York Red Bullsearly-August match against LA Galaxy.

After a messy breakup I'm happy to announce that my ACL and I are back together! #RBNY

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Since then, per his Instagram account, the RBNY utility player has been doing his best to keep himself entertained as his knee recovers:

Rey Mysterio Jr. And His Popcorn Beauty @morganperri

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But RBNY's snappiest dresser is heading to the official MLS off-season with more than just a seasonally-appropriate suit: he can run again.

Today was a good day! First run since 8/8. #rbny - @bonomo93

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Good news for Lade. Good news for RBNY. The team faces a shorter-than-usual off-season this year, with CONCACAF Champions League quarterfinals starting at the end of February - it will be important to avoid a repeat of the injury-exacerbated pratfall that was the start to the Red Bulls' 2016.