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2016 MLS Fantasy is Here!

The new season is upon us (March 6th!). Here are some updates to the rules

Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

I don't know about you, but I'm stoked.  On February 22nd, MLS Fantasy opened its doors for a new season.  There have been a few rule changes to make you aware of:

1) Passing efficiency... This season, accurate and consistent passing will be rewarded:

- 1 point for 35 passes completed with at least an 85% success rate

- 2 points for 70 passes completed with at least an 85% success rate

2) Fouls... Get fouled, get points!:

- 1 point for every 4 times your player gets fouled

3) Defense...  Similar statistics, more points.  This statistic used to be called CBAI and blanketed under "Defensive Bonus Points":

1 point for every 4 clearances

1 point for every 2 blocks

1 point for every 4 interceptions

1 point for every 4 tackles

4) Shots... EVERYBODY!

- 1 point for every 4 shots taken (on-target, off-target and blocked shots all included)

According to MLS Fantasy Insider, the New York Red Bulls' very own Dax McCarty would have scored an additional 45 points if the above scoring was used in 2015.  His total would have increased from 155 points to an even 200.  So the takeaway here is that these new statistics really boost CDMs this season.  It's not all about the offense anymore.

Another rule change is that your $120 million salary cap will only be used to select 16 players.  Last year's edition required you to choose 18 players, so your money should stretch a bit further.

As a side note, just north of 30,000 people played MLS Fantasy in 2015.  Pretty weak.  In comparison, EPL Fantasy had over 3.1 million subscribers.  Invite your friends.  Let's get that number to over 50,000.

The 2016 MLS season opens at 1:30pm on March 6th when the Red Bulls host Toronto FC.  I know that my fantasy team will have plenty of representation from both sides in that game.

Join through and look out for my Buy 'Em or Bag 'Em column for weekly fantasy tips.  Comment if you are interested in joining a league if I were to make one.  Good luck!