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Have we found the mystery trialist?

We think so, but we are not 100% certain.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to the wonderful folks over at Metrofanatic, we may have a lead on the mystery trailist at Red Bulls preseason camp.

First, let's back up. Who is the mystery trialist and why are we interested?

Recently at camp, the name of a trialist has been withheld, despite participating in preseason scrimmages and other RBNY training camp activities. Here is an example:

#RBNY twitter, a magical place, has dubbed this person the "mystery trialist" and despite repeated prods from fans the communications team is adamant about protecting this individual's identity. Now, thanks to the sleuths at Metrofanatic we may have a lead on who this person is.

According to speculation, they say former SV Groedig midfielder and right-back Lukas Schubert is the mystery trialist. Schubert has not played any soccer since 2013 due to a heart problem. After seeing doctors for two straight years,  Schubert has been attempting a comeback since July 2015. He is currently a free agent.

Metrofanatic is not the only source backing up this claim. Sky Sports Austria this weekend ran a story saying Schubert was on trial with the New York Red Bulls through February. According to the story Schubert will be on trial through the end of February.

So, is Schubert the mystery trialist? We cannot say for sure, but if so this would be a heck of a story for Schubert. Even if he is not the trialist we wish him well on his future career and hope he sees the field as soon as possible.