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Veron is worth the wait for 2016

Why the former San Lorenzo man's ease into the squad last season was the right thing to do.

Veron and BWP up top against the Armada in Jacksonville
Veron and BWP up top against the Armada in Jacksonville
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Is that what everyone wanted to see on the stream down in Jacksonville? Is that the excitement you can't wait when #30 is up top with Bradley Wright-Phillips and he takes down all opponents in front of him and converts magic the way he does. Well that's what we were all waiting for when Gonzalo Veron was transferred over last summer from San Lorenzo in Argentina.

When you bring over a great talent like Veron and you want him to get comfortable quickly, he can perform just like he did when he put three past goalkeeper Miguel Gallardo and he sunk the Armada all by himself. His silky smoothness when he steals the ball, has great movement with the ball and collects a perfect pass to convert on frame.

All three goals converted were aimed at side netting and he never once went down the middle when he took his shots, this is the Veron that everyone at the New York Red Bulls knew they were getting and how he has looked comfortable at the start of February in the pre-season month before we kick of the season on Sunday, March 6th.

Ali Curtis & Jesse Marsch should be commended for easing in Veron when he came over in last summer's transfer window, because they didn't want him to feel uncomfortable in any way possible and subbed him in at the right times to understand the game plans as well as how Marsch wanted to use him in the right way.

Let's also not forget that Veron has only known everything there is about his last club in San Lorenzo back in Argentina and coming to a new club in a different part of the world, you don't want him overwhelmed quickly and decides he doesn't want to be here anymore. But it looks like Veron has looked comfortable and is enjoying his time in the United States and in MLS with the Red Bulls.

With what we have seen so far is refreshing as Bradley Wright-Phillips will have a quality teammate to begin the season and while this looks to be a great tandem that could be on the way to flourish, Veron now knows what he needs to do to get ready for the season and everyone who will be watching this club can see the quality from him and it should be an interesting season.

Once again this new season is going to get underway within a week and the excitement is palpable as the supporters can't wait to see Veron in Action and taking on their season opening opponent in Toronto FC who also have something to prove to the league after finally qualifying for the MLS Cup Playoffs last season.