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Report: Training Camp Update

Finding out what Marsch's side has been doing in Florida.

Jesse Marsch rolling along during training camp
Jesse Marsch rolling along during training camp
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

So far it sounds like everything is going smoothly down in Orlando, Florida during this season's training camp as the boys have been performing well during this time as they and all of us are counting down the days till the season starts and opens at Red Bull Arena on Sunday, March 6th against Toronto FC.

But how it all starts and ends it comes from the man who is running the camp and that of course is head coach Jesse Marsch who observes everything from the sidelines and had a chance to talk to reporters about what's been going on up to this point. "I think we will look at different guys and put two strong teams on the field and everyone is looking better and better. What's important is that we end the camp the right way and regardless of the score we end it all on the right note."

But the main question is does everyone look like they are in tip top shape and ready to go? "A lot of guys have looked sharp and ready to contribute on big levels and we have so many guys doing so well, it's not clear on what the starting lineup could be, but it's o.k. because of the flexibility we are trying to create with so many games this year, we are demanding a lot from them."

The only negative so far from recent reports is that Center Back Ronald Zubar picked up a knee injury during camp and flew back to New York to have it examined so we shall wait and see how that will effect the end towards training camp and when the season starts, but so far it sounds like Marsch is enjoying the level of fitness and intensity he is seeing from his side and we shall see what plans he has in store for this new and challenging 2016 with the CONCACAF Champions League added to the calendar.