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Red Bulls Try To Break the Jinx in Colorado

Is it possible for the Red Bulls to end this losing streak at Dick's Sporting Goods Park

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Right now there is nothing to be said as we all know what needs to happen on the road for this team. They need three points in the worst way as they move from the loss at San Jose to take on the Colorado Rapids on Saturday night as Jesse Marsch needs to find a way to change things up and start playing angry.

"There is a lot of disappointment and some anger, frustration has crept in because it seems like we can't reward ourselves, that's what happens when the results starts to pile up against you." said Jesse Marsch, "It can feel like getting breaks is hard to do so one of the things I have said is you have to earn it, earn everything because we didn't show that much conviction and that's incredibly disappointing."

And while that is the case going on Marsch knows that there will be down times in a season and at the moment he has to find a way to get those positive feelings back for the club as they are at the moment teetering towards a lost season in a very fast way.

"We know there will be struggles so what you are trying to do is build a team that can step up to those tests, but the funny thing right now is that injuries and some breaks are not going our way. This is a results driven business, but enough is enough we need to play desperate this Saturday."

So the first positive step was to give the team to take a mental break and enjoy the evening in Denver and have a solid dinner together, but once that's over it's back to business as the club has a task at hand to face the Colorado Rapids and coming back from his six game suspension is Jermaine Jones who was traded from the New England Revolution.

"He's certainly physical in the middle of the field, he is strong on the ball and he is physically intimidating. He also showed in New England that he can unite a group and they can believe in him, so it's going to be a great match up and we need to show that we aren't intimidated towards him."

Of course injuries are always a big concern for a club and you have to make sure you can limit them or to avoid them as much as you can, for the Red Bulls it's a good sign to see Ronald Zubar will be available on the back line and as a center back tandem with Karl Ouimette, That would mean Kemar Lawrence would be moved back to Left Full back after showing well coming back from injury.

When it comes to Tyler Adams who only played 45 minutes on Wednesday, Marsch said he wanted to continue to play him if half time was scoreless, but once they were behind he felt he had to put in more dynamic players. Even though it looked like Adams was getting a good feel for the game.

But once again this team needs to break this jinx and head over to Dick's Sporting Good Park with full confidence and they need the full three points. The last time the Red Bulls won there, it was Red Bulls 2 head coach John Wolyniec who converted on the 4th of July, so this time the fireworks need to be lit a lot more early.