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A Change for Once a Metro

Change is the only constant.

When I took over as Managing Editor of Once a Metro over a year ago, I never expected the wild ride the site would take me on. 2015 was our best year, thanks in large part to you, our readers, who pushed us to provide better and more expansive coverage of the New York Red Bulls, NYRB II, and Sky Blue FC.

It's with sadness though that I have to announce my stepping down as Managing Editor of this great site. While I enjoy the writing and podcasting I do for Once a Metro, real life has other plans for me. This isn't a good bye. I'll still be around doing Red Bull Rant and posting articles when I can, but my day job pays the bills.

Austin Fido, who has been with the site for a few years and is a top contributor to the site, will be taking over for me. I know Austin will continue to build Once a Metro to better serve the New York soccer area.

For me though, I must take a step back. Thank you for supporting Once a Metro whether this is your first article or your 1000th, we wouldn't be here without you.