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NYRBII Roundup: Coming in at #1, Sueño, TotW, and more

Welcome back to the NYRBII (and academy) roundup. This week brings continued victories across all fronts as well as much to look forward to.

Scott Barbour/Getty Images
NYRBII still top of power rankings

For the second week in a row, New York Red Bulls II sit atop the official USL power rankings (as well as the not so official ones from our friends over at Indomitable City Soccer). Now realistically these rankings mean nothing, and there is still a large part of the season to be played, but it shows that NYRBII is off to a fantastic start and the rest of the league is taking notice. Konrad Plewa and friends have put themselves into a great position to start the year, now it's up to them to carry on their dominance while continuing to develop and integrate new signings Simpara and M'Baye as well as other academy players.

New York Red Bulls Academy teams dominate rankings

The New York Red Bulls are okay at soccer. They were bad, then they were very bad, now they have won a game and appear to be okay, for now. It's really all up in the air at this point, who knows?

However, in the rest of the Red Bulls organization it's pretty clear; they're really darn good. In addition to NYRBII running circles around the USL, the academy teams are firing on all cylinders. TopDrawerSoccer is the most comprehensive source of American youth soccer out there, and recently they have come out with their updated USDA team rankings. Every New York Red Bulls Academy team ranked in the top three in the nation, a feat no other team, MLS affiliated or otherwise, came close to. Both the team's U13 and U16 teams rank #1 in the nation for their age group.

U13- 1st
U14- 3rd
U16- 1st
Key players: Omir Fernandez, Chris Gloster, Ben Mines, and Zach Ryan
U18- 3rd
Key players: Brian Saramago, Jared Gilbey, Mason Deeds, and Kevin O'Toole

New York Red Bulls take part in Sueño MLS, narrow it down to six finalists

Like years past, the New York Red Bulls have once again taken part in Sueño MLS. Sueño, "is a nationally-televised talent search which rewards the best field player and the best goalkeeper with a spot on an MLS academy team... The top goalkeeper and best five field players from each tryout advance to the National Finals, where they receive special instruction and mentoring from international stars".

New York has currently narrowed down the massive player pool to to just six, who they will send to Los Angeles at the beginning of May for the final round. Moving on to the final round are: Charlton Alonso (goalkeeper, Paramus, NJ), Omar Torres (defender, Queens, NY), Heyson Argueta (Defender, Stanford, CT), Sammuka Kenneh (Defender/Midfielder, Bronx, NY), Eduardo Rivera (forward), Arturo Ernand (midfielder, Miami, Fl)

Dan Metzger named to USL Team of the Week

In a continuation of recent weeks, another NYRBII player has been named to the USL Team of the Week. Dan Metzger, New York's goalscorer in their 1-0 win again Wilmington, was the lone NYRBII player in the lineup, making it the fifth week in a row that a NYRBII player has been featured.

USL TotW 5

Image Courtsey of
Academy highlights are coming

Long thought to be merely a myth, the New York Red Bulls are out to prove that their academy does in a fact exist. According to Red Bulls digital content manager, Scott Sandalow, RBNY academy highlights are on the way.

The lack of video footage has caused many in the past to doubt the academy's authenticity, with one internet commenter even saying, "These box-scores are so phony. No one is actually named Mael, and Scotty Thomsen just sounds like something someone would name their dog". When reached for comment this poster proceeded to shout at clouds.

NYRBII running man

And to end this week's roundup, I leave you with a sneak preview of greatest soon to come.