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MLS needs to address UniMas broadcasts

It's really bad you guys.

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

If you were luck (unlucky) enough to watch the New York Red Bulls last two matches against Orlando City SC and FC Dallas on TV, then you have had the pleasure of being subjected to UniMas' coverage. There was the usual stupid over pronunciation of names, saying "Dax McCarty" as "Dax Macarthy". The last two weeks though, there is a new wrinkle, Picture-in-Picture! Groundbreaking UniMas technology from 1976!

Why watch one soccer game when you can watch two for over half an hour? I mean, come on, it's the wave of the future!

In all seriousness though, this is a big problem for MLS.

MLS has three national TV slots, the first of the weekend being Friday nights on UniMas/Univision. These games are supposed to be big draws for the league. How does it reflect when those games are shown up by other games being shown on the same exact channel, and with its own commentary?

I propose the following caveats for the next TV contract negotiations.

1. If a UniMas presents a game split screen with another league's live coverage, the National Blackout period is forfeited for that game.

2. Every 10 times UniMas provides split screen coverage as mentioned above, UniMas owes MLS a sum of $10,000 or more, with escalating penalties for every 10 times this occurs.

3. For every name Ramsés Sandoval says wrong, he must record a YouTube video where he sits one-on-one with the player for a minimum of two minutes until he learns to pronounce the name correctly.

Have any thoughts on fixing MLS on UniMas? Let us now in the comments.