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Sacha Kljestan eases past Roberto Donadoni on New York Red Bulls' career assist-making list

Another milestone in the extraordinary RBNY career of Sacha Kljestan.

Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

Sacha Kljestan's last assist for the New York Red Bulls was a beauty: an impeccably weighted through ball that let Bradley Wright-Phillips do what he does best - track the path of the pass until he's ready to fire at goal.

That was the 20th assist Kljestan has tallied for RBNY in MLS regular season games, and he is just the 12th player in the history of the Red Bulls (or MetroStars) to reach that mark for the club. He is also the 12th player in club history to reach 22 assists in all competitions for RBNY. And he has reached that mark at an unprecedented rate (from

Name Games Played Games Started Minutes Played Assists Assists/90 Minutes Played
Thierry Henry 135 130 11510 49 0.38
Amado Guevara 117 114 10284 39 0.34
Tab Ramos 131 122 10447 39 0.34
Dane Richards 176 148 13413 30 0.20
Mark Chung 98 90 8237 28 0.30
Clint Mathis 110 99 8839 26 0.27
Dax McCarty 176 168 14952 26 0.16
Mark Lisi 102 69 6413 26 0.37
Lloyd Sam 119 96 8177 25 0.27
Petter Villegas 106 83 7652 24 0.28
Miles Joseph 102 62 6222 22 0.32
Sacha Kljestan 50 49 4250 22 0.47

Yes, the statistical standards that define an assist in MLS have changed over time; yes, Sacha Kljestan has benefited from those changes. Still, he is currently averaging close to an assist every other game - and this club has never seen that rate of sustained goal-creating from its most productive playmakers...ever.

And in reaching 22 assists, Kljestan has eased past Roberto Donadoni, an all-time great for the club in the estimation of no less an authority than Donadoni only played two seasons with the MetroStars - back in 1996 and '97 - but he left a substantive impression. He is in the MetroFanatic Hall of Fame, and the MetroFanatic All-Time XI.

Comparing two players whose tenures at a club are separated by 20 years is not a particularly revealing exercise. And doubtless neither player would invite this comparison. Still, it is worth noting that Kljestan's key performance stats for RBNY stand up quite well next to Donadoni's for the MetroStars:

Name Games Played Games Started Minutes Played Assists Minutes/Assist
Sacha Kljestan 50 49 4250 22 193
Roberto Donadoni 55 54 4797 21 228

Doesn't mean a great deal other than it is possible to say Sacha Kljestan has done as much (perhaps a little more) for this club as Roberto Donadoni, at least assist-wise, and he has done it in a little less time too.

Congrats, Sacha. On to the next milestone: we'll be watching for it.