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3 Questions about D.C. United

With thanks to our friends over at Black and Red United.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Red Bulls are the Eastern Seaboard's largest raccoon sanctuary this week, facing the old enemy: D.C. United.

It's the first time this season the two teams are seeing each other, and RBNY-land has been somewhat preoccupied recently. Fortunately, Ben Bromley from SB Nation's Black and Red United is here to fill us in on what has been happening to the south.

1. Both DCU and RBNY have 10 points from 10 games, which is...well, are you feeling like your team is good, bad, or indifferent at the moment?

Right now, D.C. United have some good players that aren't fitting well together right now and some good players that are having up and down seasons.

The biggest concern right now is the team's inability to score with any regularity; they have scored four goals in one game and three goals in another, but from the other eight games they have scored four goals total. Alvaro Saborio and Luciano Acosta have worked well together off of the bench, but Saborio missed two clear cut chances in his start last week that sucked all of the life out of the team.

It also doesn't help that club captain Bobby Boswell has been whiplashingly up and down this year. Some weeks, he's the same Boswell he's been for years: a great central defender who uses his smarts rather than high-end athletic ability. Other weeks, like this past one, he has a dismal game and was directly responsible for one of the goals.

They have the talent to put it together, but all the possibility of it all falling apart.

2. Luciano Acosta seems like a bright spark - tell us a little about he has been faring at DCU?

Acosta is a bright spot for D.C. United, but he presents a bit of an enigma. He is the most talented player on the team, but the team is not really built to accommodate his skills.

United has tried to make it work with him off the bench with Alvaro Saborio, starting with Alvaro Saborio, playing on the wing, and playing with Fabian Espindola. United will probaly start Acosta and Espindola together tonight, and Fabi will have to learn how to work with a player who is at least as good as he is. Olsen should emphasize that Acosta should run the show, because he has the talent and ability to do so.

3. What is the biggest issue in play around DCU right now, and how might it affect the game?

Scoring. D.C. United has not been able to score regularly, and if they can't create early chances against the Red Bulls it will be a long night for the team.

Thanks for stopping by, Ben. To find out what Once A Metro had to say about RBNY, head over to Black and Red United.