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One Direction's Louis Tomlinson likes the New York Red Bulls, is less fond of bikini tops

Andy Roxburgh's RBNY legacy is surprisingly far-reaching.

Bryan Steffy/Getty Images

TMZ brings exciting news, brought to us by @crosen26: Louis Tomlinson - of One Direction fame, in case you know another Louis Tomlinson - is a New York Red Bulls fan!

Well, he wears RBNY shorts. OK, he has been photographed wearing RBNY shorts. And this is at least the third time he's been caught on camera in Red Bulls' gear.

Tomlinson and his band-mates had a kick-around in Red Bull Arena in 2014, in the club's blue-and-yellow away kits:

Back in 2013, when (most of) One Direction visited Red Bull Arena, they picked up red-and-white kits - and you could kind of tell Zayn was on the outs, with hindsight.

But Louis stuck with the band, and seems to have stuck with those RBNY shorts. TMZ has the evidence:

If the club has a branded bikini top handy, Danielle Campbell might have a use for it.