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Report: Kaiserslautern not in the hunt for Klose, maybe

RBNY's alleged chase after Miroslav Klose just allegedly got a little easier.

Witters Sport-USA TODAY Sports

Before the internet started to insist that Miroslav Klose was ready to sign with the New York Red Bulls after seeing out his contract with Lazio, the prevailing opinion about the striker's next move was that it would be to Germany: to coach; to some Bundesliga team, or to former club Kaiserslautern, currently in 2. Bundesliga.

Tuttomercatoweb's Marco Conterio, however, offers an exclusive report carrying the news that Kaiserslautern Sporting Director Stefan Kuntz has denied any knowledge of any pending move for Klose.

This may be because Kuntz quit the club last month. But his replacement - Uwe Stover - isn't expected to start work until May 15, so maybe Stefan still fields a few calls.

ESPN FC suggested last week that Klose would likely announce his next move on Monday (May 15 - the same day Stover reports for work at Kaiserslautern) at a farewell dinner with his Lazio teammates. So whatever he plans, we might not have to wait too long to hear about it.