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Report: LA Galaxy doesn't deny (or confirm) Zlatan Ibrahimovic transfer rumor

The LA Times got the Galaxy on the record, and the Galaxy didn't say Ibra wasn't coming to LA.

Marcus Ericsson/Ombrello/Getty Images

Now that Zlatan Ibrahimovic is officially leaving Paris Saint-Germain (as opposed to merely almost certainly leaving PSG), the rumor mill is free to really kick its Ibra rumors into high gear. And this will be interesting because it is hard to imagine those rumors coming any thicker or faster than they already do.

Case in point, about a week ago, it was widely reported that Zlatan was probably heading to Milan next - based on the comments of no lesser an authority than the player's own agent.

Last weekend, Ibra appeared to endorse those rumors by waxing lyrical about Milan during chit-chat with reporters after a Ligue 1 awards ceremony.

Before the week was out, however, the rumor mill had moved on. Sky Sports' Alessandro Alciato broke the news:

LA...Galaxy? ...FC? ...just hanging out in LA?

Most subsequent reports seemed to quickly conclude it was the Galaxy, probably for the simple reason the LA Galaxy exists as a team capable of signing players and LAFC (expected to join MLS in 2018) does not. But those same reports also noted it is currently very difficult to see how the Galaxy crams Zlatan into the most star-laden roster in MLS.

Where there's a will there's a way. And the notoriously flexible rules of MLS would doubtless quickly yield to any pressure applied by Zlatan.

Still, there are other ways to question the Galaxy's intentions. One such way: question the Galaxy. The LA Times' Kevin Baxter did just that and was rewarded with a teasingly inconclusive answer from Galaxy President Chris Klein:

I can't comment.

Smart, Chris - never rule out signing Zlatan.

Later in the piece, an unnamed Galaxy executive offers Baxter an even more tantalizing line:

Crazier things have happened.

Have they? That sounds like a challenge. Zlatan loves a challenge.

The rumor mill's newfound affection for LA Galaxy will possibly be of interest to Philadelphia Union - rumored to be in line to pocket $50,000 if Ibra signs for another MLS club this year. And of concern, perhaps, to Manchester United and the unnamed Chinese club reported by Canal Plus to be the only two teams to have tabled offers to Zlatan.