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Report: Zlatan Ibrahimovic knows where he is going, but he isn't telling

And all the rumor mill is saying is that it will be MLS, Manchester United, or Milan.

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Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Zlatan Ibrahimovic's confirmed departure from Paris Saint-Germain has preoccupied the rumor mill for most of the last 48 hours. We all know he won't be back in PSG next season, so where is he going next?

True to form, Zlatan has kept the fires of speculation burning. Over the weekend, he told BeIn Sports he knows where he will be next season - he's just not telling. Not yet, anyway.

MLS has come to the fore as a potential destination after the unexpected suggestion from Sky Sports' Alessandro Alciato that LA Galaxy was the most likely club to land Ibra's signature. That in turn smoked out the news that Zlatan was indeed in talks with MLS.

So he's coming to the Galaxy? MLS at least? Not so fast. Le Parisien found a source to say Ibra was not likely to land in North America, with money matters proving an insurmountable obstacle (Zlatan's earnings at PSG this season are estimated at around $20,000,000 by Le Parisien).

Manchester United then? If MLS is out of the picture, the English club is a recurring favorite - and is the destination Le Parisien advanced as most likely when it broke the news that a move to North America might not be as imminent as suggested.

And Milan rounds out the rumor mill's current shortlist of candidates for Zlatan's services, mostly spurred by the fact Mino Raiola - Ibra's agent - recently suggested the Italian club was a likely next destination. And Zlatan himself took time to praise Milan during an interview in which he was repeatedly pressed for news on his plans. The problem with that move, we have been told, is it would be contingent on Milan's ongoing takeover talks: without fresh investment, the Rossoneri don't appear able to afford Ibra.

One thing we know: Zlatan knows. Perhaps he has known for some time (Raiola told the press "We know what we want" back in March). And he will let us know soon...probably some time between his last match for PSG (May 21) and the start of Euro 2016 (June 10).