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Report: John Terry wants to stay at Chelsea

Once - inexplicably - the bookies' favorite, RBNY seems to have disappeared from Terry's list of options.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Last weekend, it seemed likely John Terry would never play for Chelsea again. And rumors swirled about his next club. Somewhere in ChinaBrondby? Despite news that MLS couldn't find a single team interested in taking on the players' wage demands, one bookmaker made the New York Red Bulls (conspicuously thrifty in the last couple of seasons) favorites to snap up the 35-year-old defender.

Mostly, the story was that Terry was leaving Chelsea and going...somewhere.

A week later, it would seem John Terry and Chelsea would both prefer it if he stayed put. The club has made him an offer, and Terry has told fans he would like to stay.

But he has also stated it is a "different role" he has been offered, and one that needs to be considered.

But MLS appears to have dropped some distance down the list of Terry's options. The consensus view would seem to be he will either stick with the club he loves, or head to China for a massive payday.