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Report: Miroslav Klose doesn't know what he will do next

His time at Lazio is over. Let the speculation over Klose's future begin in earnest.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Legendary German striker Miroslav Klose wrapped up his time at Lazio with a goal - his teammates insisted he take a penalty, and he converted to narrow his team's loss to Fiorentina to 4-2.

Inevitably, he had barely had time to savor his final round of applause at Stadio Olimpico when he was asked what he will be doing next. Lazio News 24 neatly presents Klose's response to Sky Sports:

I do not know yet.

And to press in the mixed zone:

Future? I do not know

Klose went on to say that he had told his agent he wanted to focus on his current season before looking at options for the next one. That focus served the striker well: he scored seven goals for Lazio in Serie A this season, and they all came in his last eight league games for the club.

As for where he goes next - least we heard, the rumor mill had the New York Red Bulls at the head of the queue for his attention. Now that Klose is officially reviewing his options, expect to see a few more clubs emerge as potential suitors.