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Soccer confuses Mike Francesa: Legendary radio host botches NYCFC, RBNY in ad spot

Watch the WFAN radio host struggle through an NYCFC ad read: another episode in the case of a man thoroughly confused by soccer as a whole.

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

In a "box-office blitz", aka ticket giveaway, on Mike Francesa's daily afternoon radio show, the illustrious New York sports host appeared to get very confused by David Villa, New York City FC, the New York Red Bulls, and New York soccer as a whole. He starts off the segment saying, "Time now for an NYCFC box office blitz, that's Red Bulls, right now, third caller...", and it only gets better (or worse depending on perspective) from there. Watch for yourself.

Francesa finally figures out that NYCFC exists independently of the Red Bulls and the giveaway is for a game against RBNY rather than hosted by them. He then goes on to compare David Villa to everyone's favorite Mexican Revolutionary General, Pancho Villa, before questioning NYCFC lack of a nickname. Deeply, deeply questioning it. Mike Francesa is not impressed by NYCFC's lack of a nickname.

Take note blue team marketers: DON'T hand over your ticket giveaways to media personalities who have not the slightest care for your team or the sport it plays; DO get nickname. If you want Mike Francesa's attention, which it appears you do: get a nickname.

The good news to come out of all of this is that he clearly knows who the New York Red Bulls are. Over in "their cute little stadium over there (in Harrison)". Red Bull Arena, such a little munchkin. You're kinda cute yourself, Mike. Please keep on doing what you do: mostly, mangling NYCFC promos.

I wonder what Steve Somers' opinions on the Cosmos are?