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John Terry ducks New York Red Bulls, stays at Chelsea

Not sure where the Terry-to-RBNY rumor came from, but it's gone now.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Confoundingly, the bookies' favorite to win John Terry's time and attention for next season - reigning MLS Supporters' Shield holders, the New York Red Bulls - has been gazumped by English Premier League mid-table makeweight, Chelsea.

It has been announced that Terry has accepted a one-year contract with the only club he has ever had a professional contract with, rather than extend himself by seeing if he might crack RBNY's starting lineup.

Terry was part of the Chelsea squad that gave the Red Bulls' reserves a fright last summer, when the visiting Blues threatened an upset by taking an early lead in a friendly between the two clubs. But RBNY's back-ups rallied to restore the natural order of things and see the home team to a 4-2 victory.

We can only assume what Terry saw that day made him think twice about leaving the secure embrace of his beloved Chelsea.

The one-year contract should put an end to any transfer talk regarding Terry until the next major international transfer window opens in January. See you in six months or so, JT.