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2016 New York Red Bulls salaries released: Raises across the board

The MLS Players Union released the 2016 players salaries, and the Red Bulls got raises all around.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

With the most recent MLS Players Union salary figures released, the New York Red Bulls no longer find themselves the stingiest team in the league.

The Red Bulls now spend approximately $5,186,000 on player base salaries and a little over $5,829,000 in guaranteed compensation. This puts New York at 14th out of 20 teams in terms of spending, ahead of Philly, Houston, Chicago, Columbus, DC, and Dallas.

2016 saw raises across the board for returning players. Anatole Abang, Sean Davis, Chris Duvall, Connor Lade, Karl Ouimette, Damien Perrinelle, and Sal Zizzo all had small to moderate pay bumps while Shaun Wright-Phillps and Kyle Reynish were the only two players to take pay cuts. Reynish went from $86/90k last year to $62.5/62.5K this year (base, guaranteed). SWP, in turn, went from making $116/147k last year for a half season to $100/107k this year for a full season.

Mike Grella, Sacha Kljestan, Kemar Lawrence, Felipe Martins, Dax McCarty, Luis Robles, Gonzalo Verón, and Bradley Wright-Phillips all saw significant pay bumps after their stellar performances last season on the way to winning the MLS Supporters Shield and battling to a place in the Conference finals. McCarty, Robles, and Verón saw their salaries more than double from last year. Verón's salary change can likely be put down to it being prorated last year as he came to the team in the summer. McCarty and Robles, however, saw their salaries go from $220/262k and $130/151k respectively to $400/500k and $265/267k.

Lloyd Sam and Ronald Zubar were the only players from last year's team to have their salary remain the same.

Name Position 2016 Base Salary (in $) 2016 Guarenteed Compensation
Anatole Abang Forward 62,500 62,500
Tyler Adams Midfielder 65,000 81,041.67
Brandon Allen Foward 62,500 62,500
Gideon Baah Defender 230,000 278,000
Justin Bilyeu Defender 51,500 51,500
Aurelien Collin Defender 500,000 525,000
Sean Davis Midfielder 90,000 107,000
Chris Duvall Defender 63,000 63,000
Derrick Etienne Midfielder 51,500 56,500
Mike Grella Foward 155,000 155,000
Sacha Kljestan Midfielder 550,000 687,500
Connor Lade Defender 62,500 65,312
Kemar Lawrence Defender 100,000 196,000
Felipe Martins Midfielder 250,000 280,000
Dax McCarty Midfielder 400,000 500,000
Ryan Meara Goalkeeper 75,246.15 76,496.15
Alex Muyl Forward 62,500 66,500
Karl Ouimette Defender 63,000 63,000
Damien Perrinelle Defender 140,000 140,000
Kyle Reynish Goalkeeper 62,500 62,500
Luis Robles Goalkeeper 265,000 267,000
Lloyd Sam Midfielder 230,000 240,000
Gonzalo Verón Foward 500,000 500,000
Bradley Wright-Phillips Foward 650,000 710,00
Shaun Wright-Phillips Midfielder 100,000 107,500
Sal Zizzo Defender 105,000 105,000
Ronald Zubar Defender 240,000 320,000

All figures are courtesy of the MLS Players Union. The full list of MLS Player salaries can be found here.

The breakdown by position (in base compensation) is as follows:

Goalkeepers (3): $402,700

Defenders (10): $1,555,000

Midfielders (8): $1,736,500

Forwards (6): $1,492,500

Also, it should be noted that according to reports, at least half of Aurelien Collin's salary is being covered by Orlando City.

Interesting omissions from the Players Union salary dump are Zach Carroll, Scott Thomsen, Chris Thorsheim, and Mael Corboz, who were all signed this offseason by the Red Bulls, but were later cut. In past years, players in this situation have appeared for the first salary dump, but not later ones.

What do you think of the salary figures Red Bulls fans? Who's a deal and deserves a raise? Who is taking up just a bit too much cap room for your liking?