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Red Bulls Ready For a Trip to The Bronx

It's part one of the NYC Rivalry as the Red Bulls head to the Big Ballpark in the Bronx to face NYCFC

New York, New York. The City so nice they have two soccer teams.
New York, New York. The City so nice they have two soccer teams.
Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

As MLS starts their rivalry weekend with some fantastic matchups with sides in the Cascadia, I-95 Corridor and other parts of the country, it looks like the one that has been getting the most attention and the most print locally, nationally and internationally has been the New York City rivalry between the Red Bulls and NYCFC.

Since this whole thing started in 2015 the Red Bulls have swept NYCFC with an advantage on points, a better goal aggregate of seven to two and all three games was a capacity crowd at Red Bull Arena and Yankee Stadium which even made it better and looking like a proper derby.

But the current standings so far leaves a bit of a different tale as new head coach Patrick Vieria is doing a good job getting his side organized and putting on some solid performances on the road. They are currently at the top of the East while the Red Bulls have had their struggles to start this season, but the win over the Chicago Fire in mid-week has put them back over the red playoff line.

The big question to head coach Jesse Marsch on this match is why has NYCFC looked different this year than last year when Jason Kreis was managing the team. "There's a lot of differences, starting with the tactics as (Patrick) Vieria has employed a very specific tactical arrangement." said Marsch, "He's gotten the best out of his players from that sense, The overall confidence and belief in his team as they haven't lost a lot of games and winning on the road. He's taken them on a higher plane and the rivalry will be much more meaningful."

But as always the start of this match will begin after the handshakes and before the opening whistle blows to see which side of the field the club wants to start from. We all know about the Yankee Stadium infield which will have temporary grass covering from the first base line all the way past the shortstop position.

Frank Lampard will be on the eighteen man roster for this game and what are the issues that Marsch needs to do to stop him. "Well he is a strong passing midfielder, but he is very dangerous once he gets inside the box. Late runs, hidden balls from distance, showing up in the box for crosses. He's very clever, but it's more about when he gets inside the box with him."

Don't forget that this match will be on National Television as these two NYC sides will be on FOX National Channel 5 in the New York City area after the FA Cup Final between Crystal Palace & Manchester United go after a trophy, but as of right now it's all about the bragging rights as Marsch will pit against Vieria on the tactics and let's see what we hoped last year was.

Another round of NY Vs. NY as the Soccer Scene in this area continues to improve just like the other four major sports leagues have done in this country. You know it's going to get loud and overly verbal between the supporters groups that represents both clubs on the field.