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New York Red Bulls, NYCFC supporters clash prior to kickoff

Supporters from both teams engage in shenanigans outside Yankee's Stadium before the game, police separate the two.

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Just when you thought this game couldn't become more of a spectacle, it proceeds to up the ante.

Prior to this afternoon's Hudson River Derby between the New York Red Bulls and New York City FC, fans from both teams came together outside of Yankee's Stadium and needed to be separated by NYPD.

Videos of the incident courtesy of Garry Hayes.

It appears as the supporters clashed various projectiles were thrown from both sides as they met. The NYPD looked to be standing to the side and ready to diffuse the situation.

Later on, as the police shepherded Red Bulls fans towards the stadium, cutting off access between the two groups, an NYCFC fan attempts to confront a Red Bulls supporter. The NYCFC fan appears to swing at the RBNY fan, coming up short before a Red Bulls fan attempts to return the favor, also coming up short. NYPD quickly intervened holding back New York fans while also dragging the NYCFC supporter away from the incident.

These videos obviously show just a fraction of what occurred between the two groups and it is far too early to place fault or lay blame at anyone's feet.

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