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Some numbers to chew on from New York Red Bulls' seven-goal thrashing of NYCFC

It's not all about the number seven. It's just mostly about the number seven.

Jesse Marsch loves the numbers for his side.
Jesse Marsch loves the numbers for his side.
William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

It's been more than 24 hours since the Red Bulls went to Yankee Stadium and torched both nets at the big ballpark in the Bronx. In fact, I believe the goals are still burning after a lucky seven score line came to fruition for the team in red.

But there are more numbers to write about than the magnificent seven - thought there has been a lot of fun had with that single digit to date:

We may need a separate post for all the seven chatter...anyway, here are some more numbers to enjoy:

6: The total number of goals Bradley Wright-Phillips has scored against NYCFC in his career to date (in four games against our new, very hospitable, neighbors)

5: The number of RBNY players who scored in the match

4: The number of headers the Red Bulls scored from start to finish

3: The number of corners that the Red Bulls converted for goals; also, the number of RBNY substitutes who scored

2: Bradley Wright-Phillips & Dax McCarty each tallied a brace

1: Alex Muyl & Gideon Baah each got their first MLS goal in the scoring spree at Yankee Stadium; Gonzalo Veron got his first of the season

The full context of this result won't really be understood until the season is much more advanced: the Red Bulls are still, technically, digging themselves out of the hole they dug with a six-losses-in-seven start to the 2016 league campaign. But this probably-never-to-be-repeated thrashing of NYCFC also has its own context: we won; they lost; we scored seven; they scored none. And the point of any rivalry is that it has its own momentum. Forget the standings, forget the league, forget whatever the bigger picture might be - RBNY beat NYCFC as emphatically as any of us are ever likely to see.

Thanks, RBNY. Let's do this again some time.