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Rumor: Miroslav Klose in talks with Indian Super League's Chennaiyin FC

It's no more far-fetched than the idea he was talking to RBNY.

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

It was only about three weeks ago that the rumor mill was insisting the New York Red Bulls were in hot pursuit of legendary German striker Miroslav Klose.

Then it was suggested Eintracht Frankfurt might be the leading contender for the player's services. That rumor was quashed by no less a source than Frankfurt sporting director Bruno Hubner, who said his team was not interested in Klose. And then Hubner set the rumor mill spinning again by saying he was in fact interested.

Call Frankfurt the current favorite, but there is still room for another rumor or two - and journalist Akarsh Sharma has duly started one...

...though he has also noted that he is not in position to finish it:

Not bad rumor mill, not bad at all: in less than a month, we've gone from trying to figure out how RBNY would accommodate Klose and Bradley Wright-Phillips to wondering whether Indian Super League might conceivably snatch them both.