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The return of Henry's Ghost: Bradley Wright-Phillips gets a helping hand from an old friend

BWP scored! There is only one explanation.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Red Bulls got out of Orlando on May 6 with their first point from a road game in 2016. It wasn't easy, but the 1-1 draw was achieved thanks to a lot of last-ditch defending and one very fine finish.

Bradley Wright-Phillips in the sort of one-touch finishing mode that propelled him into the MLS record books back in 2014. Speaking of 2014, weren't we told BWP can't score without Henry to "put it on a plate" for him?

You might choose to believe BWP is an intelligent player who makes excellent runs in and around the box, thereby getting himself into good scoring positions more frequently than most strikers around MLS. And you would be choosing wrong. When BWP scores, it is because he has been assisted. Mostly, by Thierry Henry.

But Henry has left RBNY, so how to explain this latest successful strike?

Supernatural intervention seems a reasonable hypothesis.

And the Once A Metro Ghost Hunting Department can confirm: Henry's Ghost is back.

Putting it on a plate like only he can. Thank you, Thierry. Always grateful for the helping hand.