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USL suspends Romeo Parkes for kicking Karl Ouimette; "full investigation" underway

Romeo is suspended.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Shortly after midnight on May 8, USL issued an official statement regarding the moment Romeo Parkes lost his mind and kicked Karl Ouimette in the back during a match between Pittsburgh Riverhounds and New York Red Bulls II.

A swift and decisive reaction. Suspension is likely the least of Parkes' worries at this juncture - he was, after all, effectively suspended for the red card he received before he kicked Ouimette. Perhaps the league's initial announcement neglected to include the word "indefinitely". Perhaps "indefinitely" is implied by the lack of any specific length of suspension - in which case, the investigation presumably is to consider at what point, if ever, Parkes is unsuspended.

Those "additional disciplinary actions" the league says it is considering would seem inevitable. The scale of the action taken - and whether, therefore, Parkes plays again in Pittsburgh, USL, or the USA in general - is what remains to be seen.