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Romeo Parkes did apologize to Karl Ouimette (and now he's letting us know)

Romeo Parkes is trying to make things better, but it's not clear he knows how.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Conspicuously missing from Romeo Parkes' public apology for kicking Karl Ouimette was an apology to Karl Ouimette - but the Pittsburgh Riverhounds player has put that right with a follow-up Tweet:

Aah. Gotcha. You spoke to Karl directly after the match.

Of course, relating the substance of a private conversation on a public forum is for the benefit of a wider audience. And there is something a little ham-fisted about announcing one's apology has been accepted on behalf of the person supposedly accepting the apology.

But one gets the impression Parkes is working as his own PR rep at the moment. And if you ever wondered what might happen if a 25-year-old soccer player having (probably) the worst night of his career decided to do his own PR - well, it's going about as well as you might expect: