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Reports: Karl Ouimette is heading home with NYRB II, mostly OK

Encouraging news about Karl Ouimette is trickling out in advance of an official club statement.


The official update from the New York Red Bulls doesn't seem to be quite ready for public consumption at the time of writing; at least, this is what we're seeing at the moment:

But the word is out from a variety of sources that Karl Ouimette is at least well enough to travel home with his teammates:

Even the Pittsburgh Riverhounds mention it in their official statement on the subject of the kick that has made Romeo Parkes famous for all the wrong reasons:

And all of these statements would seem to confirm the substance of a since-deleted Tweet from Ouimette's NYRB II (and, indeed, RBNY - they are both on the club's MLS roster) colleague, Justin Bilyeu [Screenshot via Redditor ImYellingTimbers]:

Hope to see you back on the pitch very soon, Karl.