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Twitter reacts to THAT kick, Karl Ouimette and Romeo Parkes

You have our attention now, USL.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

To say the fallout to the incident between Karl Ouimette and Romeo Parkes sparked more conversation than the average USL game is an understatement. Fans from all over the country, New York supporters or not, reacted with a resoundingly similar tone.

Former players, coaches, and journalists from around the continent also weighed in on the incident in droves.

New York Red Bulls teammates were understandably horrified by the incident and deeply concerned for Ouimette.

In turn, Romeo Parkes' apology did not satisfy all, with many looking at it as too little too late.

The Riverhounds supporters were understandably embarrassed by the incident.

Meanwhile, the Riverhounds coach and captain weighed in condemning the incident while shocked by the uncharacteristic behavior for Parkes.

Pittsburgh's owner wasn't a fan of the incident either.

Unfortunately, as always, there were some very bad takes involving the incident.

Don't be those guys. Instead, be like these guys.

At the same time, many have called for a greater punishment, possibly even jail time for Parkes. An overreaction? Maybe, but for some the only remedy to such a severe incident is the institutions set up to handle such severe incidents.