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Zlatan Ibrahimovic: "Soon you'll know everything"

Soon. We'll know soon. Zlatan promises.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Zlatan Ibrahimovic picked up his third Ligue 1 Player of the Year award this weekend. It also might be his last, as the 34-year-old's contract with Paris Saint-Germain expires at the end of the current season - which is to say in a matter of weeks, rather than months.

Zlatan is widely expected to leave PSG when his contract expires, though he has not officially cut ties with the club and staying put remains one of his many, many alleged options.

Here at Once A Metro, we are principally concerned with the options that involve MLS. Ibra moving to the New York Red Bulls seems extremely unlikely (it would require a dramatic shift away from the club's RalfBall transfer policyand, most likely, playing style), but if there's a chance he ends up with an opposing team - we'd like to know.

Zlatan was inevitably quizzed about his plans as he celebrated his latest accolade. He did not reveal a great deal about his plans, but he did at least offer something like a schedule for when they might be revealed. As quoted by, he promises we'll all know "soon":

What I want is to play, as for where that is, we will see. Soon you'll know everything and all this speculation will be over.

Great news! But when exactly is "soon"?

Well, Zlatan laid out a list of priorities for Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet. Sweden has Euro 2016 to think about in June, and also has a berth in the Olympic Men's Soccer tournament that kicks off in August. Ibra has an eye on both those competitions, but he's putting settling his club situation ahead of both:

Future, European Championships, Olympic Games.

As he also reminded a reporter for France's RMC radio, he doesn't entirely control his destiny with regard to his next club:

It will be a decision soon. But you know, a relationship is about two people, not just one.

So even Zlatan's plans might go awry. But if he is able to stick to his desired schedule, it would appear Ibra wants to announce his next club contract before Euro 2016 - so before June 10, when that tournament starts.

He still has a couple of league games to play for PSG and a cup final on May 21, so perhaps assume he doesn't make any announcements until the club's season is officially over.

If those two assumptions hold true, we'll know Zlatan's next club (or we'll know if PSG hangs on to him) between May 21 and June 10 - and that can indeed be reasonably characterized as "soon".