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Report: Karl Ouimette is bruised but unbowed

Encouraging news out of Monday's RBNY training session.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Red Bulls spent much of the weekend - at least the part from Saturday night through Sunday - declining requests for comment on the status of Karl Ouimette.

If you missed it, the Canadian defender was booted in the back by (former) Pittsburgh Riverhounds forward Romeo Parkes. And everything else on the matter can be found here, or by typing "Romeo Parkes kick" into Google.

At RBNY's Monday training session, the big question was always going to be "How's Karl?"

He quickly spotted at the facility...

...but reportedly was not made available to the media.

But Jesse Marsch did share words and thoughts on the matter. Big Appple Soccer's Kristian Dyer reports the most substantive news the club has revealed to date: per Marsch, Ouimette has a "back contusion", otherwise known as a bruise [Editor's Note: Once A Metro is not a doctor]. The player will have a MRI and further information on his status and projected recovery time will doubtless follow in due course.

But Ouimette is, as best anyone seems able to tell, substantially OK - and that is a tremendous relief for anyone who saw what he suffered on Saturday night.

For more on Marsch's thoughts on the incident, check Dyer's original report for BAS or Russ Mckenzie's piece for Empire Of Soccer.