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Reports: Zach Carroll is still training with the New York Red Bulls

He is technically not a Red Bull at the moment, but he was in RBNY's Monday training session.


Remember that time Zach Carroll was waived by the New York Red Bulls? Of course you do: it was two days ago.

Cut by his club on Saturday, Zach Carroll was spotted at the RBNY training facility on Monday.


Not at all. RBNY head coach Jesse Marsch explained the club is "hopeful to keep him around". Carroll needs to clear waivers and may well have other options, but Marsch made clear to the press gathered at Red Bulls' training that RBNY's desire is stick with the draft pick - if he is willing to stick with the club.

Marsch said the plan for Carroll is to "change his roster status", which seems like it can only mean signing the player to a contract with the USL sqaud, NYRB II.

Good for Carroll. And also interesting the Red Bulls decided to clear space on the roster now. Perhaps they just looked around the league and decided this was as good a chance as any to usher Carroll through waivers and into the USL squad without any rival MLS teams complicating the process. Perhaps they have a plan for the roster spot that was opened up. We'll probably have to wait for the summer transfer window to find out (the present window closes on May 11).