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Bradley Wright-Phillips won't stop talking about wanting to play for Jamaica

No sooner have we heard BWP say he wants to play for Jamaica, he's saying it again.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

In the months since it was revealed that Jamaica had an interest in recruiting Bradley Wright-Phillips to its men's national soccer team, the story has been advanced mostly via sporadic reports from Big Apple Soccer's Kristian Dyer (also a reporter for MSG). And it hasn't advanced much: BWP has vacillated between two positions that might be described as "kinda interested" and "not sure". After the last round of not-at-all enthusiastic responses from BWP this winter, it appeared Jamaica had lost interest, as a succession of Reggae Boyz squads were named without mention of the New York Red Bulls' striker.

But Dyer's tireless investigation of BWP's fluctuating feelings about playing for Jamaica was recently rewarded by the player's revelation - in a report for MSG - of a clear desire to suit up for the Reggae Boyz and some actual detail on why that hasn't happened yet. (Summary: BWP has been slow to gather the documentation required to formally establish his availability for selection, presumably because of his clear, obvious and now well-stated ambivalence about committing to international soccer while playing for a team in a league that doesn't naturally align with the FIFA calendar for international games.)

Scarcely 24 hours after Dyer published his report, BWP is found talking up his international soccer ambitions on Sports Illustrated's Planet Futbol podcast.

His comments to SI are so similar to those related by Dyer that it could almost be the same interview. What is notable is not so much the substance of BWP's comments but their frequency: we're used to months going by before he talks about this issue, and we're used to a step forward being followed by a step back. Here we have back-to-back iterations of much the same sentiment. BWP has gone from not being able to make up his mind about playing for Jamaica to not being able to shut up about it.

Of course, the leopard doesn't so easily change his spots. "If I'm being honest, I'm very interested in maybe playing for them at one stage," he told SI. "Very interested in maybe" neatly summarizes BWP's position from the start of what has become something of a will-he-won't-he saga with the Reggae Boyz. By his previous standards, however, we now know this is how Wright-Phillips expresses his enthusiasm. He's up for it, Jamaica - once he gets that paperwork done.