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CONCACAF Champions League increases prize money

And, as best we can tell, CCL is now the biggest cash prize on offer to RBNY (and the rest of MLS).

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

CONCACAF has announced "sweeping increases" (it isn't entirely clear what the prize fund was before) to the prize monies it will hand out to the most successful teams in its Champions League.

The region's showpiece club tournament will now pay out $500,000 to its winner, $300,000 to its runner-up, and $200,000 to each of the semifinalists. There will also be increases to the travel stipends paid to all participating teams (previously thought to be around $40,000 per road game).

For the New York Red Bulls (and the other teams in MLS), that would appear to make CCL the biggest cash prize attached to the major trophies it can chase. Per the latest MLS Collective Bargaining agreement, it is thought MLS Cup pays out $275,000 to its winner, and $80,000 to the runner-up. The Supporters' Shield is currently worth $55,000; the prize for winning the regular season title will go up to $130,000 next year.

US Open Cup offers $250,000 to its champion, and $60,000 to its runner-up.

Cash prizes don't define the value of major trophies, but they don't hurt them either. And CONCACAF's big step forward in the value of its prize fund is hopefully a sign of a big step forward in CCL's overall resources and, therefore, general popularity in the region.