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Preview: NYRBII meets Orlando City B looking to stake their claim as the best in the league

A win Sunday would put NY in first in the USL in the standings as well as by points per game.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Red Bulls II have it all. They sit one point out of first place in the East and the entire USL with a game in  hand. They are on a four-game win streak and a six game unbeaten streak. They recently found out they are getting swanky new digs. They have a two 17 year-olds consistently performing well for the team. They are routinely graced by the presence of the best Jamaican duo since Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake. What more could a team ask for?

On second thought, let us not get ahead of ourselves. Instead, let us focus on the next game, cause that's what got this team to this point.

Despite all the resources available to them, despite all the talent available to them, despite the tactical nuance available in abundance in this organization, this team has not walked to their current position. They have gotten there by identifying their flaws from last year, addressing them, and moving forward. They have gotten there by taking it one game at a time, never looking over or past an opponent.

So this week when New York Red Bulls II face Orlando City B, they will not be thinking about the possibility of taking hold of first place. They will not be thinking about the playoffs. They will not be thinking about the first team game against the Sounders going on back up in Harrison. They will not be thinking about who's likely to be heading to the first team soon. They will not be thinking about tomorrow.

Instead, their entire focus will be on their opponent. They will be thinking about Orlando City B. They will be thinking about Tyler Turner, Harrison Heath, Hadji Barry, and their former teammate Marius Obekop. They will be thinking about how Orlando has so much more to play for this weekend, but how they still have to be their opponent. They will be thinking about how they have every right to be on this field and to fight for 90 minutes.

They will be thinking about today, cause that's what got them here.


7:30 pm, Sunday the 19th.


Titan Soccer Complex, Orlando, Florida.

How to watch:

USL's youtube, or here.

Predicted starting XI's:

New York Red Bulls II-

Less first team loanees this week. Noah Powder and Tyler Adams will be absent due to international call-ups while it's also likely academy call-ups will be limited due to the playoffs starting next week in Dallas.

Ryan Meara; Aaron Long, Tim Schmoll, Zach Carroll, Konrad Plewa; 'Speedy' Williams, Dan Metzger, Derrick Etienne, Stefano Bonomo, Junior Flemmings; Brandon Allen

Orlando City B

Ridgers; Ambrose, D. Garcia, Donovan, Turner; Rocha, Ribeiro, Da Silva, Neal, Laryea; Cox

Predicted scoreline:

2-0 New York will finally score more than one goal in a game (maybe)! Brandon Allen and Junior Flemmings will provide the offence as New York will take it to the average B's.