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Dax McCarty can see the future

The Captain called it.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Chile beat Mexico in Copa America Centenario by a lot: 7-0. As the goals started to flow for La Roja, New York Red Bulls' captain Dax McCarty channeled his expertise on the subject of 7-0 wins and made a brave call:

And was duly validated when the final whistle blew on a scoreline RBNY knows very well.

The Captain spoke and it was so. Well said, Captain.

Not so, Brian. Not so. The Captain called it.

It was bad night for past Red Bulls...

...but a good night for the current squad, now the Captain has revealed his psychic powers.

Elsewhere, RBNY fans were quick to console the CONCACAF region's latest victim of the 7-0 loss:

Condolences on the NYCFCing, El Tri. Better luck next time.